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I have seen a number of posts trying to get people to look at the attack in Orlando outside of the context of the political. I can understand that desire because we have been trained to believe in that all of our lives by the media. And to be fair, there is nothing wrong with that on the surface. However, we have gone far past that in recent years.

The sentiments and support being shown is the only thing that seems to be required anymore. There is no outrage that leads to action.

We have all heard the phrase: “Don’t judge the actions of all Muslims based on an individual.” I agree. All Muslims should not be judged by the actions of a radical. However, at some point, wouldn’t you think that they would get fed up with these radicals dragging the Muslims religions name through the mud?

Yes I know there have been condemnations, and showing of support by the Muslim community for the victims, and again this is to be expected.  My question is this.. What would it take to get non-radical Muslims to look at things and see there is a pattern and for them to rise up and take action against the radicals? How many attacks? How many deaths?

I had an interesting conversation with my SO this morning about this and she said that it could be because rising up goes against the tenants of the Muslim religion.  I can see the logic in that view.  But at what point does doing nothing but condemning actions with words become tacit approval of what is being done? I am not suggesting this is the case as a whole.. but it does make me wonder…